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2 Supplies that Make It Easy to Get Students Outside More

2 Supplies that Make It Easy to Get Students Outside More

When I was setting up my classroom before students arrived I made sure to get 2 supplies ready and organized for when I take students outside.

I bet you have these two supplies in your classroom or on your campus, too!

What are they?

Mechanical pencils and clipboards.

Here's why.

Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils don't need to be sharpened outside!

Depending on how many students I have, I place that number + 5 more in an old wipe container.

This container is always ready to be grabbed and students know that mechanical pencils go back inside the container.

If you get the super neon colored ones they are also easier to see in the grass.

No Instagram perfect content over here. Just practical pencils and a container that can handle being dropped or getting wet.


Clipboards let you have a little portable desk anywhere you go!

I personally recommend investing in plastic clipboards, because they can handle getting wet. They also make for a good substitute dry erase board inside or outside.

I bought these recycled plastic clipboards at Sam's Club 8 years ago and each one has held up really, really well! (not an affiliate link)

You can add them to a wish list or create a Donor's Choose project! They are worth the $2.30 per clipboard, in my opinion.

I didn't start with a class set. You can build up your stash as you go! Ask another teacher if you can borrow their clipboards for the day.

And don't be afraid to ask parents (or local businesses) to donate. Many of them are willing to chip in even $1 to know their kid is being loved by you and given new experiences!

My motto I've adopted is "the worst that can happen is they say no and I'm back where I started, which isn't all that bad anyway".

A sturdy bucket or milk crate makes it easy to carry clipboards for the whole group and can double as seating.

I am more about function than being cute, so I've been using the same labels for the past 4 years. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I also found my clipboard bucket on the side of the road on the way to school one day. Just being real!

A freebie for you!

Our theme this year has a space component, so I went ahead and added a couple new backgrounds to the supply labels I currently use.

The supply labels are sized to fit within one strip of clear packing tape so I have a little water resistance when we go outside. Sometimes I will go over the edges with duct tape for extra durability.

You can grab these editable supply labels and customize them to fit your needs.

I'd love to know what supplies you'd recommend that help you take students outside.

Head over to Instagram or reply in the comments and let me know!

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