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5 Easy School Fundraiser Ideas to Raise Money Fast

5 Easy School Fundraiser Ideas to Raise Money Fast

This year our team decided on taking our students on an all-inclusive field trip from DFW to the Texas State Capitol and the Alamo in swanky charter buses!

It's our big field trip for the year and it turned out to be pretty expensive.

When we presented our idea at our "Parent University" meetings that our grade level hosts each nine weeks, some of our families felt the cost was too much.

They told us their student would likely not attend. Our hearts sank.

Because we see so much value in the educational components and most of all, the experience, we knew we were going to fundraise and help bring the cost down.

Some of our students haven't left city limits and this would take them across our state! Which, honestly, could be across 2 states if we didn't live in Texas.

We knew fundraising could be exhausting on top of teaching, so we thought of ideas that would help us preserve our physical and mental health. And that would still give our students an opportunity.

Here are 5 fundraising ideas for you to try!

The fundraisers are listed, in my opinion, by how much work goes into them from least prep to most prep.

1. Hat Days on Fridays

This has been a super popular and easy to put together fundraiser. Students can donate $1 to wear a hat on Friday. Our campus decided no hoodies because of district dress code, but depending on your campus, I bet you could get a lot more donations if you allow hoodies that one day, too.

Our campus has only one entrance in the morning, so this made it easier to set up a table to collect donations.

How do teachers know who paid to wear a hat that day?

Our team lead came up with a super easy management system for this and it's worked beautifully! She has a stamp that matches the paw of our mascot and we use a different color ink each hat day.

Then, we send an email to staff the day before telling them what color the stamp will be on a student's hand if they paid.

So far we've made $100 each month with this fundraiser.

2. Aluminum Can Recycling