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Stay Organized When Packing for a Trip with a Digital Checklist

Get Organized for Camping with a Digital Checklist

I'm wondering if you are like me. You tell yourself not to forget something important for an upcoming trip. You write yourself a note.

You go over your list twice before bed hoping that one thing is embedded into your dreams so when you wake up you can quickly get it and get out the door.

In the morning you cross check in your mind as you close the door behind you. Then, at your destination you go to reach for that one thing only to realize you forgot to pack it.

We've forgotten essential items for cooking a meal at our campsite.


Extra underwear and socks.

You name it, we've forgotten it.

If you're like me, I've got a solution for you just in time for our fall camping trips!

Digital checklists you can take anywhere!

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A Super Cool Way to Use a Digital Checklist

I came across a helpful reel from a park ranger at a Texas State Park. She also shares ideas for places to visit, travel tips, and upcoming events.

Her Instagram handle is @ramblinroundtexas.

Give her a follow for some awesome travel tips and ideas!

I love using Google Keep™️ for everything related to my classroom and never thought to use it for planning outdoor adventures, too!

What is Google Keep™️?

Google Keep™️ is included with the suite of Google products you get when you have a Google™️ Account. So, it's a FREE way to stay organized!

You can download the app and make changes on your mobile device and they instantly save and can be accessed on your computer, or any device with internet, after you log into your account.

I thought about all the items we have forgotten over the years and made some images you can use as headers to organize your Google Keep™️ notes.

You don't have to have a list for every single category. I just made a header for each category where we've forgotten something!

What You'll Get

When you sign up, you'll download a .zip file with the images inside. Unzip and download them to your device to begin using. If you have any questions about using or accessing the files, let me know!


If you're new to Google Keep™️, here are some videos with quick tips for:

  • How to Add and Change Images as Headers

  • How to Personalize and Add Clickable Checklist Buttons

How to Add and Change Image as Headers

Watch this video to see how you can easily and quickly change any image for any header inside Google Keep™️. This is really easy to do from your computer or phone and works the same way.

How to Personalize and Add Clickable Checklist Buttons

In this video you'll learn how to personalize your Google Keep™️ notes with clickable checklist buttons and colored backgrounds.

​If you think of a category I missed or want to share a story about something you've forgotten to pack for a trip, comment below!

I'd love to hear from you.

Get Organized for Camping with a Digital Checklist

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