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Practice Writing Claim Evidence and Reasoning Statements All Year

Practice Claim Evidence and Reasoning Statements All Year Long

Today 1st grade was making their daily walk through our hallway after recess.

I was in my room during my planning period and I heard a little voice say, "Look! The wall isn't just black anymore. There's pictures and letters."

Then another very familiar voice said, "Yeah, she finally fixed it up and finished!"

That 2nd voice was my daughter telling her classmate about my bulletin board which sat blank for the last 5 weeks.

I mean, she's not wrong. It's been a doozy adjusting to a new campus, new grade, and new content area!

I usually keep my bulletin board super simple so the focus will be on student work and the learning target. Like this.

I've been using the same constellation ribbon border I found at Joann's and black fabric for 4 years now.

But this year our theme is "Limitless" and has space vibes. So, I set a goal for myself that I would add something else.

My husband asked if I was OK when I was hand cutting out letters, because I've never done that before! 

I sent a DM to Michelle from @mrsbrosseausbinder who was so wonderful and gave me some ideas for how to incorporate the new, absolutely stunning photos emerging from the James Webb Space Telescope. I wanted to add more, but I need some space for student work.